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It must begin now to train bankers, brokers and mutual fund managers of tomorrow. Verb - noun collocations In translating verbal phrases, it is wise to translate the noun object first and then consider what particular verbs can go with w ith that noun. Never translate the verbs separately, as this may produce non-English non-English phrases. Task 1. Multinational corporations, financial institutions, labour unions, nongovernment organisations and other civil groups now seem to play more important roles in the world economy.

This has led to the belief that the market has taken over, leaving governments on the the sidelines. And in this t his may be a backlash against globalisation. But while many European leaders have responded favourably to this new view, none has successfully shown how to translate it into policy. However, there is indeed a way. It can achieve this by setting and supervising regulatory standards.

Next, a government can help equip its citizens with the skills necessary in global economic competition.

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It is increasingly important these days that, for example, workers are computer literate and can communicate in more than just their mother tongue. Lastly, there is a need for social safety nets. Competition produces winners and losers. But unless someone takes care of the losers, social cohesion will fray as losers are shunted to the margins. Increasingly, there are concerns that the market imposes a value that is anathema to human dignity. What about nurturing a cultural and philosophical identity, offering a more spiritual fulfilment?

Addressing these questions is a means to make people realize the importance of globalisation. This is particularly important in an Asia that now may be a little sceptical about this overwhelming overwhelming trend. Thus, beyond the bare basics, a government must also promote moral virtues, which in a limited definition means teaching people to be humble winners and sporting losers qualities that are important if we are to maintain social cohesion.

In short, competition serves us well only if it is accompanied by moral virtues. A government can do much here through education, by inculcating a sense of cultural identity. It is universal, in so far as it embraces respect for other cultures. The Asian crisis was a tragedy that occurred because of globalisation. Not because globalisation is bad, but because many in Asia were insufficiently prepared for it.

Nevertheless, there is a bright side. At last, it awakened many in Asia to the fact that they had been slow to adjust to the new rules. It also reminded us all that under the press of technological innovation and globalisation, the importance of our moral virtues had been overlooked. Globalisation can, and should have, a human face.

And it may indeed evolve into an even stronger force in the next century. But in English, passives are more widely used, especially when readers are not interested in the agent of the action. If anyone in Asia thought the atrocities of September 11 were distant events, tragic but far removed, with no real impact on their daily lives, they have surely changed their minds by now. Already the economic downdraft from the U. As trade evaporates and inveestment flows dry up, Asia is beginning beginning to experience the flip side of globalization.

Now, through no fault of their own, Asian countries are facing a slump likely to last 6 months longer, and with a trough far deeper, than anyone had expected. S, governments sitting on spare cash can raise public spending, and countries with floating exchange rates can try to massage their currencies 45 lower. But with confidence inside the U.

The impact of U. After seeing record double-digit declines in electronics export during the first half of the year, Singapore and Taiwan have already been pushed into recession.

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The sharp sell-off in global stock markets over the second half of September emphasizes the heightened sense of risk aversion among porfolio investors. The contagion has been particularly brutal across much of Asia. Even before the horrific horrific events of September 11, 11, Asia was preparing for a global economic slowdown. Figurative expressions 1 It is wise in reading English passages to make notes of beautiful structures and expressions, which may become handy in VN-EN translations afterwards.

Look back at task ta sk 1 and underline any expressions or words wor ds you find beautiful. Now try to translate the following into English, paying attention to the italicized phrases: 47 1. Translate the following into Vienamese 1. Globalization has replaced the Cold War as the main arena of debate over the values upon which societies, nations and international international organizations should be built. The process of globalization has recently been accelerating for several reasons, including the latest wave of democratic transition. Following the collapse of communism in Eastern and Central Europe, many formerly authoritarian countries have embraced democracy and rejoined the international economy.

Globalization is both the construction of a set of international relationships and a process of change.

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The wave of globalization that began after the Second World War has been shaped by a set of international rules or institutions ranging from the well known, such as the World Bank, to the relatively obscure, such as the International Organization for Standardization. Although this process has seen periods of pause and acceleration over the last fifty years, it is now fundamentally different different than earlier ear lier periods in world history. Each nation also has to decide how to engage in the globalization process.

Developed and developing countries alike must come to terms with the rapid integration of markets, the increasing flow of finance and the widespread use of technology. Even countries with a small, open economy need not be hapless victims swept up by international forces beyond their control.

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Mobile phones can extend communications to areas that copper wires might have taken decades to reach Translate the following into English, using the prompts given: 1. In Thomas Edison teamed up with Corning Glass Works to make his experimental incandescent light bulb. Translate the following into Vietnamese the foundation of stability 1. The contagion has been particularly brutal across much of Asia. Atrévete a mi me funciona para quitar stres para sonreír, para consentir! Repousse 1 mois Bleu nuit et paillettes blanches lunabeauty beautynails nailsofinstagram nailsmagazine nailsoftoday workinggirl nails montpellier castelnaulelez beautemontpellier nailstagram nailsonfleek prothesisteongulaire perfectnails nailsmagazine nailsphoto glitternails bleu bluenails christmas christmasnails.

Failing to integrate into the emerging rule-based global system also has consequences. The experience of the former command economies in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Soviet Union, is not simply the result of a failed ideology. It demonstrates that attempts to supplant a competitive market economy with government-driven investment plans can no longer be sustained. Translate the following into Vietnamese moonlighting medicos in vietnam 1. Since health-care reforms were carried out in , physicians and dentists have been allowed to supplement their incomes by seeing private patients on the side - after their regular office hours hours at state-run clinics clinics and hospitals.

Retired physicians, physicians, formerly on the state payroll, have also been allowed a llowed to start private practices.

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The government encourages private doctors and this is evident in the fact that doctors are not taxed for income earned from private practice, nor are public p ublic clinics. Figures from the World Bank indicate that the Vietnamese spend more money on private doctors, dentists and privately-purchased medication than they do at state-run facilities. They can also perform additional diagnostic and other services such as laboratory tests, electrocardiograms, and minor surgeries. Doctors cite inflation, the cost of living, and their children education as key motivations for moonlighting.

Still, not everyone is so sanguine about the reforms. Some hospital administrators worry that the changes will lower the quality of health care and add to the burden of the already over-burdened doctors in the country. Moonlighters, they argue, will be overworked and too exhausted to provide quality care during regular clinic and hospital hours, let alone their private patients.

Moreover, with many doctors quietly dispensing drugs as a side business, concerns have also been raised that medication will be over-prescribed. In addition, the uneven distribution of physicians is problematic too. The government no longer assigns medicalschool graduates to work in specific areas, and few leave the larger cities where they were trained.

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Related link: Unit Tourism, land land and people Task 1. Yet, as Marie-Claire Arrts discovered, the only cure is more. Sometimes life in Saigon gets just a little too much for foreigners, and then they snap.

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The Saigon Blues are not quite so unexpected, but usually build up gradually and early symptoms are easily recognizable by those who have an eye for it. Someone once 55 compared the stress process to having little pebbles thrown at you day after day. Sadly the exuberant greeting just happens to be the standard way to address potential customers.

Just imagine how much energy is involved in this type of canvassing for custom. Cyclo drivers seem to have unlimited resources, as opposed to the easily drained foreigners.

Because eye contact is fatal. Where you can not linger longer than two hour either, without arising suspicions. Big mistake! At moments like this, you realize that an attack of the Saigon Blues is imminent. Yet wherever you choose as an escape, the improbable invariably occurs: a deep yearning for Vietnam. Many have tried to get - and stay - away, but you always see them back a few months later. Agriculture Task 1. Translate the following into Vietnamese would agriculture hold back the economy? This belief in the importance of industry has come into conflict with one of the fashions of the s, freer trade.

Under free trade, each country tends to specialize in those products in which it is relatively most efficient, compared with other countries. This might mean that some countries will end up producing coffee and cattle rather than computers and cars. Chile provides a strong case against this. Since the country opened up to trade, the relative size of its manufacturing sector has declined, while agriculture grown steadily as a share of GDP. The decline of manufacturing has not meant slow growth, however. The economy has continuously expanded.