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The process of design and its production allows the maker to be emotionally reflective - in our case of the past towards the new design future. We will be creating two rooms as part of our installation in London..

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Room One will be a laboratory of natural dye techniques and processes, a visually engaging manifestation of the dialogue between traditional Vietnamese craft communities, environmentally and culturally sustainable practices, and contemporary textile design. This dialogue reflects a new way of thinking about traditional practices, one that explores the tension between experimentation and rote mastery. As Vietnam struggles to maintain its rich history of craft communities, the Lab seeks to demonstrate the need for innovation and creativity in the service of cultural preservation and sustainability.

The Lab will be constructed over an indigo pool integrating all steps, raw materials, and traditional techniques, that are used in the textile production. The result will bring the audience a close up view of sustainable textile design process from the inside out. Room Two will be an interactive video installation to showcase the processes involved in the fibre lab.

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As design moves further to a more digital and sometimes sterile practice this process room openly engages the viewer with the tactile subversive elements of making involved in sustainable design processes. Naturally dyed fabric hangs in layers around the room, video mapping of the natural dye processes used to create the fabric are projected throughout the second room. The processes are overlaid with investigations into Vietnamese, language and type, playing on the diacritics and the tonal uniqueness of the Vietnamese language.

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Process sounds will follow the projection. The viewer will be able to change the projection through an interactive device the display will use type, and colour and texture of indigenous Vietnamese processes and languages to define emotional states and let the viewer immerse themselves in our perception of these emotional states through, texture, colour, process and unknown language and type.

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Mirroring the complexity of human emotion through the elements of making and language as emotional identity. And that is where your contribution will not just help, but make the crucial difference of us being able to do this.


To go spread the word and take Vietnam to participate in a global design event. The organisers and designers are giving their time and calling in favours wherever possible, but some things simply cost money. The funding for the pavillion cost has been secured by the university and we need to raise additional funds to help us pay for the following - Flight costs so the designers can attend the event - Accommodation costs for the design team - Additional fabrication costs of the installation - UK standard Certification for textiles and fabrication completed in Vietnam - AV equipment for the video installation - Additional logistical costs and insurance - Public liability insurance WHY SHOULD YOU HELP?

Few designers have been awarded the opportunity to bring their design solutions to global attention. This opportunity will allow that.

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You get to see the designers that understand the needs, the language and the design heritage of their country exhibit on a global stage. You get to ensure that your consumer power is utilised to develop design that reflects the aesthetic and utility of the region they come from, while exporting the ingenuity and unique perspective of here to there. Parece que el explorador no tiene JavaScript habilitado. Active JavaScript e inténtelo de nuevo.

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