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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Duel Academy

I love that it uses the official TCG rules. The campaign with every yu gi oh anime is awesome. I love playing thru each duel and having the ability to reverse duel by playing as the antagonist is really fun. The 3D animations for some of the monster summons is awesome but i wish there was more 3D animations i want the Hologram feel of seeing these monsters on the field.

I wish there was voice acting for the characters in the campaign story. Having access to cards is amazing and there is so many ways to play in this game i would definitely give it a 8. Oh and another thing, they could've done more with the field playzone look. Playing yugi verses Pegasus in the finale to season 1 it could've made the playzone look like it did in Pegasus duel kindom castle area.

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I can duel wherever, whenever. I love the three included cards. The best Yu-Gi-Oh! Game I played so far and it's portable.

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El Señor Misterio. One of the dumbest games I've ever played. Guerreros Furtivos. Vuelta de Pagina Parte 2. Un Paso Adelante Parte 2. Saga 5: ARC-V.

The last time I could bring a Yu-Gi-Oh! Game with me was when I had a PSP. It's a good Yugioh game with a lot of cards, and card packs are easy to get. It has no microtransaction or dlc; you get everything it has to offer with the game unlike the older Legacy of the duelist on other platforms. It also includes a story mode that is like summary of the anime and you can play its duels using the deck that represents the deck the character uses in the anime or use your own deck.

But, the game has these setbacks: -Switch online cloud backup is not supported, so there is no way to backup your save. Also, if you use the campaign deck in story mode, many of the duels will become harder and less interesting, since only the last 3 of the campaign duels have link monsters. Thanks to my job and location I am not able to make it to real tournaments very often.

Thanks to this game I can still get my Yu-Gi-Oh fix while maintaining everything else. I know it's only updated to a certain point but it's far enough for me. Thanks Konami :. Recomendo a todos que gostam da franquia yugioh.

Come here! Playing the old cartoons series is something great for a nostalgic guy like me!

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On the other side the new series with the new mechanics Pretty fun game to get your yugioh fix. Just this on-sale not worth the full price, however, it does have good amount of story arcs to go through and lots of cards to play with. I enjoy it.

Exactly as if I were in the anime. Cards are falling apart. Great game for fan!

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Great game, great price. Jogo muito bom para conhecer cartas novas e relembrar as antigas. One of the dumbest games I've ever played. It's just Duel Links with the story we already know from the anime. With terrible animation Except when you summon a powerful monster.

Then they go all out.

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It's just a huge waste of money. If you're a fan of the Yugioh series and played the Yugioh games before then you know what to expect. This Yugioh game has a story mode and each story is based off the different characters from each entry in the series. It also has a Multiplayer mode if you're into challenging people online, then it has tutorial if you need help figuring it out but overall gameplay is fantastic. I would definitely recommend this to anyone if you like Yugioh so don't wait and buy it today!

Why am I required to use links for the pre-link era? Additionally, why am I unable to undo certain actions during the campaign? Anteriormente YU-GI-OH era unicamente posible jugar con amigos o en torneos; pero gracias a la llegada de la tecnología ahora podemos jugar desde la comodidad de nuestras sillas frente al computador en línea o contra un "Dueling Robot". Las aplicaciones que posiblemente dependiendo de ustedes que usaremos son Todo es manual, desde las invocaciones, hasta los efectos.

Espero que les haya gustado, tengo otra idea como esta pero es solo si llegamos a 10 likes :v alv ya se, nadie me conoce :'v.

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